Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year Everybody!

And may the new year bring all we each dream.

2014 sees us with seven dogs in the house. A new foster arrived yesterday. Three year old long-haired German Shepherd called Ty. Abandoned, left in the pound and due to be put to sleep last Sunday. He had nowhere else to go, so he came here.

Gentle, lovely lad. Won't be hard to find him the loving family he so deserves. As always though, having fun settling him in with the resident half dozen.

Been a funny old Christmas. My car died so have transport issues.  Winter Series ended with us in a close fought third place. Laser Pete won, Laser Mike second. Pete deserved the win for sheer tenacity.

Worst race of the year was probably Boxing Day. The photo above was the morning of that day. We should have done well in the conditions, but Hels and I were simply not in sync.

Another cup race at 11am tomorrow to see the new year in. My crew Hels is poorly, so I'm going to crew for my son Ben. Can't wait.

Forecast is a bit silly. 30kts gusting 50. And I've hurt my right hand separating a couple of squabbling dogs today, so I'll be crewing one-handed.

Nice thing about sailing on a 50 acre lake. 50 knot gusts might break the boat if you get it wrong, but they probably won't kill you. So they make for very interesting racing, rather than wiping the day out.

But with my injured hand I am glad my eldest son has the helm.

And quietly proud that I can trust him with it.

Happy New Year everybody, wherever you are, whatever you dream.

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