Friday 5 July 2024


A party that considers the ex-Tory MP Natalie Elphicke to be a good fit, but a fair and moral man like Jeremy Corbyn to be unsuitable is not a party that represents me. Nonetheless, I'm very glad to wake this morning to find that Starmer won and the corrupt, duplicitous, divisive, self-serving shower that have abused their privilege of governing our country for the last fourteen years are finally out on their collectively irresponsible ear.

I find it hard to reconcile voting Tory (or Reform, for that matter) with anything resembling a moral choice, but that choice is a necessary freedom of democracy so I try hard not to judge people too harshly on their political views. As individuals, at least. Despite differences in our moral perspectives, what unites us is greater than the sum of what divides us. 

I'm sure I stole that from somewhere.

On a similar theme, I particularly liked the now former Chancellor's parting words this morning:

"This may seem like a tough day for our family as we move out of Downing Street, but it isn’t. We are incredibly lucky to live in a country where decisions like this are made not by bombs or bullets, but by thousands of ordinary citizens peacefully placing crosses in boxes and bits of paper."

Tuesday 2 July 2024


Walking the dog has become something more of an exercise in logistics, of late. Still, it's nice to have company for our daily evening romp around the local park.

The twins are growing like weeds and my daughter appears to be positively thriving on her new responsibilities.

Monday 1 July 2024

meanwhile, somewhere in Upton-St-Leonards

A barn dance. In so far as we were playing in a barn, and some dancing was definitely done.