Monday 29 April 2013

Frampton Pill 2013

A plan for a trip upriver to revisit Frampton Pill in a couple of weeks time.

Entering Frampton Pill in 2009
Last year
Sat 7th July 2012, 8.7m at Sharpness for 11.16am
Sun 8th July 2012, 8.2m at Sharpness for 11.53am

This year:
Sat 11th May 2013, 8.2m at Sharpness for 09.37hrs
Sun 12th May 2013, 7.8m at Sharpness for 10.10hrs
Frampton is Sharpness + 15 minutes

Brian says:
9.3m to make the slip tenable
8.8m to make first landing area on second bend
7.5m to clear sandbanks in river
7.2m for tide to make the mouth of the pill

Mouth of the Pill on an 8.2m tide
Critical Timings:

Saturday 11th
HW Frampton 09:52hrs
HW Lydney 09:37hrs

Lydney viable 08:00hrs
Last launch 08:30hrs

Pill viable from 09:32hrs
Distance LYC to Frampton Pill is approx 5.75nm

Sunday 12th
HW Frampton 10:25hrs
HW Lydney 10:10hrs

Lydney viable 11:40hrs
Last Arrival 12:10hrs

Lydney Harbour to Frampton Pill & The Noose

Frampton Pill to Frampton-on-Severn Sailing Club
Landing area in Frampton Pill
Ondine's Plan:

Saturday 11th
We'll arrive at LYC approx 07:00hrs to rig & prepare for launch
Briefing & launch 08:30hrs (and no later than 08:50hrs)
Arrive Frampton Pill 09:30hrs


Tide turns 09:52hrs
If we can't reach Frampton, return to LYC
LYC slip should be viable till 11:30hrs

Spend the day in Frampton, play with boats
Either BBQ in the evening or eat at the pub.
Camp overnight at Club

Sunday 12th
Walk to Pill for 09:30hrs
Rig and wait on tide
Launch approx 10:00hrs
Return LYC for 11:00hrs
Should be water on slip until 12:00hrs

Conifer & right hand pylon make a transit for the Pill

Frampton Church can also be seen from out on the River