Friday 11 April 2008

Counting Crows and setting sails

Brought the new Counting Crows album off of iTunes a few days ago, and only just got around to listening to it. Only really brought it out of curiocity and old loyaties, wasn't expecting much more than vague nostalgic disappointment.

How wrong I was. It's fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And I'm only on track 6 of 16 so far.

Good weekend ahead. Sailing all day tomorrow. Unfortunately not in the Moth, as I broke her centreboard on Wednesday so she's currently beached for repairs. But if there's the promised bit of half reasonable wind then the Wanderer or Lark we'll likely have to play with should be a blast. They certainly were last Saturday and the Saturday before.

And then on Sunday the band is playing at the Lion in Fishponds. That's a guaranteed high to end the weekend on :)

Go buy the Counting Crows album. Seriously.