Thursday 2 March 2023


Last Sunday Lottie and I took a trip down the road to meet up with some friends for a walk on the beach at Brean Sands. Nikki had to work, so couldn't join us. 

It was a lovely day, bright and breezy but not too cold; helped, I think, by the fact that the wind was off shore, so we were sheltered by low dunes for the duration of the beach walk.

I am very fond of this beach. Lots of space, at least when the tide is out, firm sand, and at this time of year, not heaving with crowds. Steep Holm lies just off shore, an island I've now sailed past or around so many times it almost feels like an old friend. Although I appreciate the sentiment isn't returned by the weathered, insentient old rock.

Because it was just Lottie and I, after we'd finished our walk out along the sands and back and our friends headed home, she and I climbed up to the headland. Brean Down is one of those very obvious land formations, distinctive and easy to spot when you're out in the Channel, but because Nikki doesn't like climbing hills when it can be avoided, we've never been up and onto it, despite visiting the sands many times over the years.

To be fair, the path up, although via some well cut and maintained cement stairs, is a little daunting.

But the view from the top was worth it. With a falling tide and an stiff breeze over the land, the chop was present but subdued, the water a patchwork of silt and clear, glittering in the sun. Constrained by the need to get back to the car before they closed access to the beach at 1500, we didn't make it all the way out to the end of the headland, but even so, the view of Weston town and bay, Steep Holm, Flat Holm, Barry and Cardiff on the far shore was both familiar and lovely.

This is my playground. And I want to spend more time out there with Dad and Calstar this year. We might even take the pup along, if she finds her sea legs.