Friday 11 January 2008

Definition of middle-age when you ring up the guitarist in your band at 10.30pm on a Thursday night and when he eventually answers with a bleary voice he has to explain that it's got nothing to do with sex, drugs or rock'n'roll but rather that he'd decided to go to bed early because we've got a gig tomorrow.

And then it strikes you that you haven't just woken him up to discuss some amazing hook for a new song that's just stuck itself into your soul, but instead wanted to get his take on the public liability insurance that you're trying to sort out for the band :Z

Sunday 6 January 2008

What she should look like

The pictures of Atlantic all laid up in the workshop made me feel kind of sorry for her, so thought I ought to put up a photo of her as she ought to be.

Atlantic Bonus

Atlantic Bonus is a British Moth, sail number 838. She's currently laid up whilst we tend to the lifting varnish on her port side-deck. This is why she won't be sailing this weekend. Nothing to do with the cold and wet of a British January :)

hellO worlD1

Enough of the tongue-in-cheek mixing up of caps and the like. Didn't know what to write but thought it would be rude to start a blog and not bother with a first post.

So here it is.

January. Lake is empty, racing season is over and Atlantic is laid up in the workshop next door to the office. But it was blowing a hoolie (is that how you spell it?) this morning, so should have been down at the lake bothering the fisherman with Redwing. Instead, slewed of the hangover and staggered into work.

Gotta love Mondays.