Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday evening done

That's the first of the weekend's two gigs done now. Standing outside in the gentle, cooling rain, enjoying a moment's peace before we pack away.

Then the drive home, a couple of beers and a read before bed.

Helping Dad with Sailability tomorrow. No idea what the weather is planning.

Gig in the evening, then Sunday I have to decide whether to skip sailing to catch up on a few of the jobs took the last week off to do but couldn't find time for.

Been meaning to post up photos from last weekend's trip to Fowey. Will try to do so before the weekend is over.

Dad has been debating whether to trade up the Lugger for a Coaster next year. Would be nice to have a convenient berth wherever we land. Could turn a weeks sailing into a trip somewhere and back, rather than basing ourselves in one place and exploring from there.

A tent is well and good, but not sure it would work too well at anchor.

He'd ideally like a Drifter 22, but the asking price for one is a litle over our budget.

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