Wednesday, 15 June 2022

transient hiding places

I'm looking forward to sailing this evening. The forecast is 7 to 11 knots from the west, so hardly that inspiring, but with the temperature in the low 20's it should be a pleasant enough evening for chasing people around the cans in the Laser.

Or making them chase me. 

I note the forecast is supposed to hit the high 20's by Friday. Then the weather turns mucky in time for the weekend. As long as the rain holds off till Sunday I'm fine with that. I don't mind sailing in the rain, but I have a hedge to trim and a garden to tidy up after training on Saturday.

The latter currently looks like a bomb hit it. A small, fluffy, black and tan bomb, that is.

Silence is golden. Except when you have a puppy in the house. Then it becomes deeply, deeply suspicious. Although nine times out of ten, when it all goes quiet, I'll find her asleep under Nikki's sewing box, which has become her favourite dark corner to hide and snooze and recharge her puppy-mayhem batteries.

It won't be long now before she's too big to fit under there. She has no idea.

She almost made it to the top of the stairs yesterday. Which, of course, is where Boo hides from her. A few more days and I expect she'll manage them easily. At which point, his hiding place will become null and void. He has no idea. But it's fine, we'll manage her and take care of him.

Meanwhile, she remains inseparable from Jack. Forgive the state of the door-post in the picture above. Between a houseful of dogs and a hatful of other distractions for my spare time, the painting and decorating around here takes a low priority.

I've found a local dog training club that runs sessions on a Friday evening, which is one of the few nights of the week I usually have free, but they also run on Tuesdays and Thursdays if gigs or sailing get in the way. Lottie and have enrolled from the beginning of July. I figure she's going to need help training her human.

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