Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Lottie & Jack

I'm just going to leave this here for me to pick up again in a year or so's time, when she isn't quite so small and fluffy and so utterly precocious.

Lottie was 10 weeks old today. How time flies. The weather is lovely, albeit it would be nice to have a little more wind for tomorrow. But in the meantime I shall be happy to soak up the warmth of the sun and just drift, if I must.

Had a great morning's sailing with the Laser on Sunday. Two races, was beaten into 2nd place by Burt and his OK in both. 

The first one was a clean win on his part, so can't begrudge it. For the second race however, I stayed hot on his tail right the way through and then, as a big gust came through, tore passed him on the last lap. The Laser hit 12.2 knots as I did. 

Survived the gybe at the bottom of the reach with style, but, totally overpowered on the approach to the final mark completely screwed up hardening up into the last beat, which let him claw back a bit of the space I'd managed to put between us.

I still beat him over the line, but once the times were adjusted for our respective handicaps, he had me by a mere three seconds of adjusted time.

He both earned it and deserved it. But still. Frustrating. Losing by a mere three seconds after an hour of racing.

But it was stupidly good fun.

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