Friday, 24 June 2022

FOSSC: back under the blue

Spent a very pleasant evening catching up with old friends at Frampton on Wednesday; my friend Geoff had asked me to crew for him in his Enterprise again.

photo: sam wells

Blue skies and blue sails, it was shorts and tee-shirt sailing weather. Actually, sailing might've been too optimistic a term, as the wind was exceptionally light so it was more of a controlled drift.

But the sun was shining and we were afloat, so I had no cause for complaint.

I find myself alone and unsupervised this weekend. Nik's away with our daughter Tasha. So I'm out with Dad to watch a friend's gig at a local pub, then have my own gig at another pub, just as local, tomorrow night. My youngest son Sam has puppy duty.

On Sunday I'm up early to meet another old friend in a little village called Llandogo, and walk with her the 7.5 statute miles to Monmouth. Cathy has, in stages, been walking the Offa's Dyke Trail and as this late stage of her route is somewhere close to my own home (sort of) I figured it would be rude not to join her for it. Sam, again, will have Sunday morning puppy duty.

It's been a while since I've (intentionally) walked that far. I'm sure I'll manage.

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