Friday, 17 June 2022

end of week

The week is almost done. The forecast has modified a little from when I last checked. Today is still, as promised, deliciously warm, but the rain that was threatening for Sunday looks now set to fall all at once on Saturday night.

I have no plans for Saturday night, which feels strangely odd. Sunday looks like a promising day for playing with the Laser down at the Lake, however. I'm looking forward to that.

The car went cleanly though its annual MOT yesterday, which was a very nice surprise. So nice, that on the way home I stopped off at the local car wash to have it cleaned. I don't know where these guys come from, but they're all clearly immigrants, and some of them don't have a very good grasp of English. But they work like Trojans, and within twenty minutes had reverted my car to pristine condition, bereft of the slightest hint of dog hair.

It would have taken me half a day to have achieved anything close to the same.

Talking of dog hair, Lottie has mastered the stairs. The going up them at least, if not the coming down. So I've barricaded the foot of the stairs with flight cases; Boo is going to have to get used to having her around, but I want it to be under supervision. It'll be much easier once she's allowed out for a walk, but that's not for another ten days.

Tonight, we're all going out to dinner with my eldest son Ben and his partner Hannah. Which means the pup will be left on her own for a few hours, her longest stint without us yet.

Of course, she'll still have Jack for company. So I'm not actually sure she'll notice us missing.

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