Tuesday, 5 July 2022


Early days yet; as flash as they've become, I find weather forecasts are rarely much use for anything more than the probable pattern beyond about three days. However, tomorrow is promising 12 knots gusting to 19 in South Cerney, which has the potential to be terrific fun with the Laser. 

Sunday, by comparison, is presently only suggesting 6 to 8 knots NNE, which is a horrid direction. With 40 to 60% low cloud cover and 26°C I'm guessing it's likely to be a good day for gliders, so very shifty for those of us at lake level as the thermals feed the cumulus. 

On the other hand, the warmth should make for a lovely drift around the lake in shorts and tee-shirt with Amanda for company, and the light wind should mean putting the mast back up before we sail will be a simple job.

The Albacore repairs should be finished and the boat delivered back to the lake this week. Hopefully, I'll have confirmation of that today or tomorrow.

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