Wednesday, 20 July 2022


July marches on. The last couple of days have been deliciously warm, or dangerously hot, depending upon your preference. I love the heat, but feel for anybody that doesn't, as it's been pretty intense. Nikki doesn't like it, and the dogs are far from keen. I also appreciate it's not a good thing for the planet, so for my part, it's something of a guilty pleasure.

Accidentally booked a gig last Sunday, so couldn't go sailing. Which is annoying, because it would've been perfect conditions for the long awaited relaunch of the Albacore. Blue skies, warm breeze, temperatures sub-tropical.

I say "accidentally booked"; when the last minute request came in late Thursday by way of a message on my phone, I didn't have my reading glasses to hand and, I'll admit, had indulged in a night-cap or two before intending to retire for the night.

So I read the date as lunchtime, Saturday 17th and duly rearranged a busy day of running around for Nik who is in the midst of sorting out "wedding stuff" so that I could bug off and play guitar for strangers. Then, some time Friday night, I re-read the message and realised that "Saturday" actually read "Sunday" and in agreeing, I'd harpooned any chance I'd had of sailing over the weekend.

It was fun though. A half-hour solo spot on an outdoor stage in the centre of Cinderford. I haven't played Cinderford for about 20 years, and the last time we were there was one of the very, very few times a gig has ever ended in violence. Sunday's audience was lovely however, and despite losing a gorgeous day's sailing for it, I really enjoyed myself.

Today, the temperature has dropped into the low 20's and we've been told to expect showers. Which haven't arrived yet, but when they do, I have the feeling they're going to arrive in the form of big, lumpy raindrops.

As long as they bring a bit of wind, I don't mind. I'm intending to slope off down to the Club this evening to race the Laser, so making up for missing out last Sunday.

Lottie remains deliciously gorgeous, and continues to grow like a weed. When she sits, which she now does eagerly on request, especially if you back it up with a treat, I no longer have to lean down to scratch the top of her head. She came out to the pub with Nikki and I for an open mic night last Friday and behaved impeccably.

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