Thursday, 21 July 2022


There was no wind to speak of. A promise broken. Was lovely to be afloat, however. As always. And neither did it rain. Aside from a very brief, light spatter.

And the sunset was pretty.

Nikki's passport turned up today. I wasn't sure it was going to arrive in time. But it did, and so in a few weeks we'll be jetting off to Croatia with Dad to join a friend of ours for a couple of weeks sailing with him aboard the yacht "Amore", a Hanse 415.

It occurs to me that this is the first time in my adult life that both I and the love of my life (that would be Nikki, just to clarify any doubt!) have both owned a passport. Do you "own" a passport? Perhaps "held" then? We both hold passports.

I feel the sudden urge to escape.

Take your comfort where you can. I mean that in reference to where I started this entry, being afloat and treated to a pretty sunset. But read into that what you will. 

I don't think you'd be far wrong.

My daughter gets married in just under two weeks. Tomorrow afternoon I go shopping for something for me and her youngest brother to wear for the occasion. Her other brother is a teacher, and probably more of a responsible, fully grown up adult than his Dad will ever be (or aspire to be, for that matter), so I'm sure he can sort himself out.

I truly dislike shopping. I've been putting this off, but can't any longer. Sam and I are taking his Mum to supervise us. I'm not sure that isn't a mistake. 

Sometimes you just have to bow to the inevitable.

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