Thursday, 21 April 2022

SoundCloud: Goodnight Salvador Dali

I've just posted a version of Goodnight Salvador Dali up to my SoundCloud site. My brother Jay has been posting old videos of the band up on the Internet, which led our drummer Bean to say maybe we should re-record "some of the old stuff".

He's pushing on an open door, so far as I'm concerned. That's just what I've been doing myself the last twelve months or so.

So I picked a song and recorded some guide vocals and guitar for them to work with. But with only vocals and guitar and a little tiny bit of piano, I quite like where the song finds itself at the moment, and thought this version worth saving.

Other versions are available.

Incidentally, my SoundCloud site, and therefore anything and everything I ever record and post to it, can be found here:

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