Thursday, 21 April 2022

Calstar: good friday (morning)

I'd meant to set the GoPro to time-lapse for the trip up to Sharpness and on to Gloucester last Friday; long videos of dull passages are boring, especially if it's just a motorboat. And video chews up battery quicker than time-lapse, so it felt like lower maintenance overall. Besides, I was mainly after a few stills of the boat going under the bridges, and they're better quality if snatched from time-lapse.

But, possibly because I didn't have my reading glasses to hand Friday morning and can't see much close up without them these days, I clearly pressed the wrong button and shot normal video. I didn't realise my mistake until the camera beeped at me shortly after we went the first bridge to tell me that the battery was about to die.

So, for a bit of fun, I've sped it up and overlaid an old song I wrote and recorded with the band a few (to many!) years ago. The song is called "Numb".

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