Saturday, 23 April 2022

Freefall: When You Were Young (a Killers cover)

Our band Freefall playing live at the Railway Tavern in Fishponds, Bristol, earlier this month.

One of my favourite things about playing in a covers band? When the crowd know the songs as well as you do and bellow them back at you.

Video was put together by my brother (and our bassist) Jay, from assorted clips taken at the gig. The song is, of course, by a band called The Killers.

We're playing a 60th birthday party in Yate next weekend, then back at my daughter's pub, The Old Restoration, in Cheltenham the weekend after. The birthday party is especially cool. The birthday girl's daughter tracked us back down and booked us because she remembered us from when we played her 18th. About fifteen years ago.

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