Thursday, 21 April 2022

Laser: happy nodog

A light, very shifty, fading evening breeze, seventeen other boats to race against. Lovely light and a pretty sunset. Had a very nice evening yesterday racing the Laser on the lake at South Cerney. 

The Wednesday evening Hotdogs series officially started a couple of weeks ago, but as I previously mentioned, nobody else turned up for the first race of the season. I skipped last week as I was planning to be away for the weekend; thought I ought to have at least one night in at home.

The series is so named because, traditionally, there were hotdogs available on a BBQ after racing. However, complications with the galley, that I don't pretend to understand nor intend to go near, but think it's something to do with training and inductions and health and safety and new procedures, etc, mean that the hotdogs have so far been AWOL this season.

However, the bar was still open, so the after-race crowd were more than happy.  As we were getting changed after the racing, a few of us were discussing the continuing legitimacy of the name of the series if the titular dogs continued to be absent. My favourite, suggested by my friend Vernon, was the "Nodogs". 

It was a good race. A horrible, chaotic running start was mitigated by a couple of good beats back up the lake. I got beaten by a Scorpion, but held off the rest of the fleet to take 2nd place for myself.

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