Monday, 3 January 2022

back to the grind

Holidays are over. Back to work tomorrow. Would be back to karate Thursday, but that's our wedding anniversary so I'll probably take Nikki out for supper instead. Then the weekend, and racing on the lake Sunday. My neck hurts from where I fell over just before launching yesterday. It's a most peculiar pain, like I've pulled the muscles in my neck either side of my larynx. It's far from unbearable though, I think I got away lucky.

It's been a good break. I've drunk too much, eaten too much and not sailed nearly enough.

If circumstances allow and restrictions remain unimposed, we have two gigs booked for this coming month; Friday the 14th at The Railway in Bristol and Saturday 15th at The Restoration in Cheltenham. Then a short break followed by The Pilot in Gloucester in February. If I had to pick three favourite venues to start the year off with, they would be it. Very much looking forward to all of them.

I'm quietly hoping to squeeze in a weekend away with Calstar between the Restoration and the Pilot. We shall see.

The photo was taken on Boxing Day, when a couple of friends from Lydney Yacht Club invited me out to sail with them. I crewed for my mate Annabel aboard her Wayfarer "Ellen". We sailed from Lydney up the Severn Estuary to Brims Pill and back. It was a very small neap tide and light air that didn't really fill in until the last quarter of the return leg, so for the most part it was a hazy drift; some paddling was involved.

But it wasn't cold and the rain more or less held off. The company was good and the river was beautiful as always. I'm actually quite fond of estuary mud. It doesn't smell, washes off easily with a bit of water, and unlike sand, doesn't get into everything and stuck everywhere.

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