Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday morning

After a busy weekend, the view from my office window this morning. The air is laden with a misty, dank chill, stirred only with vaguest whisper of a breeze.

Would be a pretty morning to go ghosting across a lake. There is just enough of a zephyr to carry me.

But alas, instead I'm chained to my desk here, making good the karmic balance of the weekend just enjoyed.

In other news, I'm expecting to get home this evening to find we've taken in another foster dog.

Another stray pup, out of time at the pound. I could've done with a break to restore the equilibrium of my own house and hounds now Ty had gone, but this guy would otherwise have been put to sleep today.

This one has no name or history, so the girls have decided to call him "Kahn" which I can't say I necessarily like, but what little influence I do have in these things isn't near enough to change their collective female mind once set, and to be fair, I don't think he's going to mind what we call him.

I will,  however, insist that we at least fix the spelling of the name to Khan.

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