Thursday 8 February 2024

ebb tide

I had planned to sail weekend of the 16th. I can't this coming weekend due to family commitments; eldest boy is getting married end of March and what used to be a stag night for him or a hen night for her is now an entire damned weekend. Entitled yoof, is all I have to say to that.

But I am expected to attend. In Ben's defence, his stag (it can, for reasons above, no longer be accurately called a stag night these days) is only the Saturday, albeit the whole day and night that follows. However, I still need to provide transport for my wife and daughter to wherever the bride-to-be is having her hen. A barn in Chew Magna somewhere apparently. For the whole weekend.

So no sailing for me this weekend. If I sound bitter, I'm not really. The kids are only going to get married the once. Or so we hope, anyway. And Ben being Ben, they've been mostly self contained about it, so it's had minimal impact on me so far.

So I had thought to take the following weekend out with the boat. Head over to Fowey and back for the weekend, weather permitting. I've missed Fowey.

However, my brother's recent holiday to visit his wife's family in Indonesia was unexpectedly extended, as poor Arya's mum was taken very poorly whilst they were out there, and remains so. So Jamie arrives home on the morning of Sunday 18th, and will need somebody to pick him up from the airport. Dad wants to do it, but wants some help with the driving.

So no sailing away to Cornwall for me that weekend, either.

If I sound bitter, I'm really, really not. Transport to and from airports is something that's more than in the gift of a brother to ask and expect, and he'd do it, and has done it, for me in a shot. I'll be glad to have him home, and really feel for his wife Arya, her poor mum and all their extended family. I'm not sure if Arya's coming back with him on the 18th or not.

So it's a small thing set against the greater trials of life and pressures of family.

But I am really missing the sea. I want to sail, but it feels at the moment like every chance to do so is vexed.

Lottie and I went for a walk on Brean Sands last weekend. We did see the sea, but only in brief. The tide was on the ebb, and in the Bristol Channel, that makes for a fast retreat.

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