Wednesday 21 February 2024

a quality of light

One of the (dubious) advantages of the short days around this time of the year is that by the time I finish work and get a chance to take Lottie over the park, it's dusk. One of my favourite times of the day at any time of the year, for the quality of the light, and every once in a while we're graced by a pretty sunset. 

Such as was the other evening.

Went down to Plymouth after work on Friday evening to spend the night aboard Petrella with Nikki and Lottie. Couldn't really sail anywhere as had to be at Heathrow for 0700 Sunday morning to pick up my brother from the airport. £12.50 to take my car into the London low emissions zone, that has crept out now to include the airport. £5.00 to the airport for the privilege of driving into their drop-off zone to grab my brother from where he was waiting on the pavement outside the terminal.

It's nice to have Jamie back, and I owe him more than one airport run, but forgive me if I feel a little robbed. Both of these tolls had to be paid online as well, so as well as robbed, inconvenienced, by having to track down the appropriate sites online where I could pay the relevant levies and having to remember to do it.

Our first gig in what feels like an age is next Saturday. Racing at on the lake with Amanda Sunday, which will be a nice change as I haven't made it to the sailing club since early December. Two gigs the following Friday and Saturday, and then I plan to head down to Plymouth again on the Sunday to check on Petrella. Whether that will be a chance to sail, or just more odd jobs and maintenance, I don't know.

Our next planned trip is, hopefully, an overnight out and back to Fowey in mid-March, the weekend following Cheltenham Race Week.

Conscious I've been relying on friends to assist on all the occasions I've so far taken her out, and friends are always welcome, but really I think we need get over that and Dad and I take her out ourselves at some point. It won't get easier unless we actually do it.

This last weekend a friend wrote

To life.  

And pushing as hard as you can as long as you can and being grateful for whatever moments of peace you find.

A sentiment I adore, so I'm quoting it here for no other reason than that. Thank you, Webb.

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