Friday, 23 March 2018

Calstar: neatness

Sipping neat gin because, with an alarming lack of foresight I neglected to bring any tonic with me to the boat and the only tonic we have aboard dates back to when it was first opened last autumn. And it's raining far too hard for me to want to get yet more kit wet looking for a handy corner shop in a strange new town.

There was still some fizz in the old tonic, but the taste was very strange. The gin tastes better straight.
Would rather have scotch or rum, but haven't the heart to steal the last of Dad's rum and the same lack of foresight has led to a lack of any scotch. I really should try to do better.

We're this Penarth or Portishead I could remedy the situation, both have very handy supermarkets.
But it's not. We're afloat on our new berth in Plymouth. And the taste of straight gin is growing on me.

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