Friday, 9 March 2018

Calstar: beached

She's out the water and being worked on. Rewiring the mast, replacing anodes and renewing the anti-foul. This time in two weeks time she'll be on the back of a truck and halfway down the motorway to her new home in Plymouth.

Really can't wait to get her back in the water again. But if the year so far is anything to go by, those two weeks are going to fly by quick enough.

Calstar may be beached, but I'm not completely. Plan to race Buffy again at Frampton this coming Sunday. It's become something of a regular event the last few weeks.

photo: ken elsey
For most of the weekends I've had the pleasure of Amanda crewing for me, but last Sunday she had work commitments so abandoned me to sail the second race on my own. A far from impossible task, but there are moments when single-handing an Enterprise that you wish you had five arms.

photo: ken elsey
But still, a 4th and a 2nd place respectively, so not a bad couple of results. Amanda and I are definitely beginning to sail better together. The same is not so true of Buffy. We had a lot of water in the hull after the first race. Mopped her out in the interval before the second and was very careful not to bring a bucket load in with my boots when I relaunched, but still ended up with a lot of water by the end, despite it only being me sailing.

It means we're leaking again. Not sure where from. I can only hope it's something simple like the bailers and not the repaired centreboard case failing again.

This coming Sunday Amanda's got safety boat duty, so I'll be single-handed for both races unless I find somebody at short notice to sail with me. May well not ask around though. It will give me a good chance to locate the leak. Must remember to find myself a sponge to mop the bilges out with though.

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