Saturday, 13 February 2016

Never enough

"Someone once said we all become photographs" - Dick Durham, Yachting Monthly, March '16

All change this weekend. Upgraded my phone, I have a new laptop, and I've upgraded the laptop with Windows 10. So I've spent most of my time configuring gadgets rather than playing with them.

Reading the latest YM as the laptop downloads and installs yet another essential. Dick Durham's article is especially poignant; he writes about losing his mother recently, and for that he has my deepest sympathy.

The above quote especially caught me. It's so very true.

It's also true that you can never take enough photographs. It's likewise also true that you should never look away because somebody points a camera at you. We're all beautiful, and one day we'll all be just memories and photographs.

Got to get ready and head out to tonight's gig in ten minutes. A posh-frocks and bow-tie affair at a local hotel, in aid of the very worthy local charity, The James Hopkins Trust. I'm really looking forward to it.

Was hoping to sail Calstar with Dad tomorrow morning. Windfinder Pro is suggesting a north easterly F5 gusting 6 off Portishead. That's a bad direction, straight into the lock gate, and 1.5m seas with it, which are relatively tall for this neck of the woods.

I have reservations. Then I wonder if I'm just being a wimp. Then I remember I promised myself to take my reservations seriously about such things.

Not so worried about dying or not being able to manage the conditions, Do worry about hurting Dad, or worse (because Dad's fairly robust) damaging the boat.

For the mere sake of a few hours sailing for the sake of sailing.

I sound conflicted, Will see Dad a little later, He's rarely conflicted about such things, so perhaps I'll leave it to him to make the call,

It's not like there's not loads of other stuff piling up for me to do if I can't go sailing.

Maybe I'll persuade Hels to come play with the Enterprise at Frampton?

Time to go get ready for the gig.

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