Wednesday 10 April 2024


As previously mentioned, it was suggested to me by my eldest son that I'd missed a couple of key lines out of the song we played for his first dance with his new wife a couple of weeks ago. I can't say I've been exactly beating myself up over it, a live performance is a live performance, and by it's very nature, there is always the chance that something will go amiss in the pressure of the moment. The trick is to deal with it as smoothly as possible and move on.

Consummate professional that I am, I dealt with it so smoothly I didn't even realise the mistake had been made until my son mentioned it, with some mocking amusement, the following day. Along the lines of "You had one job, Dad. Just ONE job . . . "

So I didn't beat myself up over it, but it has been a very small weight on my mind, a tiny regret. I don't like screwing things up. Especially not important things.

Turns out my daughter recorded the entirety of their first dance on her phone. She finally shared it with me yesterday, and I finally got around to watching it through just now. Have to admit, watching the two of them dance was lovely. Yeah, I was there on the night, but I was distracted, trying not to mess up the song they were dancing too.

It wasn't until I'd got to the end of the recording, and wiped away a (rhetorical) sentimental tear or two, that the realisation struck me. So I went back and listened through again. And confirmed that yes, the song was word perfect and entire, not a syllable or a note out of place, even less half a verse dropped, as had been so egregiously alleged.

For somebody that so consciously didn't beat himself up over the apparent, alleged mistake, I feel curiously relieved. And a little amused.    

Off to the lake to race this evening. Amanda is recovered, so we shall hopefully sail the Albacore. Aside from the pleasure of her company, that has the added advantage of being significantly drier to sail than the Laser.  

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