Sunday, 15 May 2022

tame the moon

Friday night, three nights shy of a full moon, I took this. Provoked by my brother, funny enough. In a good way, for a change; he'd sent me a (slightly sharper) photo of the same he'd just taken on his new phone and I thought to myself, wonder if mine can do that?

So I went outside and pointed my phone at the sky, zoomed in to the 10x maximum optical zoom available, and got a white blob.

So, not expecting much, because I'm still in the old school mindset where you never zoom in beyond the digital but instead use the best optical zoom you have and then crop down from there if you have to, I thumbed the zoom up to just shy of the maximum 100x digital zoom available and pointed at the sky again.

And got what you see above. Hardly perfect, but even so . . . 

They've come an awful long way in recent years, these little perpetual memory eyes we all keep in our pockets these days.

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