Thursday, 4 July 2019

Freefall: red strings

This coming weekend should be kinder on my fingers. No gigs; I'm going sailing with Dad and Calstar instead. Not sure if we're going to sail out around Eddystone then back into the Yealm for Saturday night, or head down to Mevagissy for Saturday and back on Sunday. Will decide subject to mood and forecast tomorrow evening once we get to the boat.

Slightly vexing that a week after I've damaged whatever it is that I've damaged in my arm and shoulder I still can't muster enough grip to hold a guitar pick though. I think I'll leave my guitar at home this weekend and content myself in harbour with a good book.

I've got until a week on Friday to recover, then two gigs a weekend until the end of the month to get through. It'll all work out one way or another, I'm sure.

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