Thursday, 7 September 2017

Spotify: R.E.M. "New Adventures in Hi-Fi"

I'd forgotten how much I loved this album:

In particular, the first song, "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us"

Haven't been on Spotify for a while. Most of my listening is done in the car, and it's an old car that doesn't stream, or connect to anything that does, so subscribing to a streaming service seemed a bit daft for me, personally.

Last time I went on Spotify as a non-subscriber, I seem to remember you were essentially limited to pulling up one song, then it would play various other songs it thought you might like as well, interspersed with adverts.

Seems you can now search for an album and play the whole thing as if it were yours.

Perhaps you could in the first place, and I just missed it. Obviously, you still have to stream the thing online, but that's no problem whilst I'm sat at my desk.

I first stumbled across REM fashionably late, back in 1991. Well, not them, but a busker in Edinburgh whilst I was midst pub crawl with some friends who was playing REM's Losing My Religion, and the words and tune snagged in my head. Home again back down south the next week, I brought the song to band practice with me and it became the first cover in what was, at that time, an otherwise original (and still then, un-gigged) set.

I've loved REM ever since. Even saw them play live in Cardiff, making them one of two live concerts I've ever taken Nikki to.

The song stayed in the set for years. It would probably still be there if I'd had my own way. I can certainly still play it, though I've not played it live for years.

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