Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Don't tell the wife

But I'm actually quite fond of puppies.
This little bundle of paws, promise and fluff is Bud, a foster that came to us last Saturday.

I was told by Nik we were his last resort, he had nowhere else to go but kennels. Keep in mind we're already fostering Digger, and my normal limit is one foster at a time.

Turns out Nikki volunteered for this one.

So I've been played.

Trouble is, it's just gone 7pm on a lovely spring Wednesday evening, I've spent the entire day working on the refit of my kitchen, and I'm now sat on the patio on an old sofa we're throwing out listening to the evening birdsong.

He crawls up with me and snuggles in and the heart melts. He's got huge paws and floppy ears and we've no idea what he is. Watching him grow up is going to be an adventure and a privilege, albeit for somebody other than me.

But he's terribly easy to fall in love with. They all are.

Hmm. The little monster has just eaten a hole in my fleece whilst I've been distracted typing this into my mobile....

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