Friday, 25 April 2014

The weather appears to have arrived

Wet, and wet some more, with not a whole lot of wind expected for racing on Sunday unless you happen to be at Land's End. In which case you may also find Saturday a little hairy.

Plan is to vegitate tonight, or maybe strip some tiles in the kitchen, not decided yet. Will walk the dogs. Oddly, I actually enjoy doing that in the rain.

Tomorrow is a trip out for dog food first thing, try and get back in time for karate around lunch time, then take Ben back to Uni. Then home for an hour before heading back out for a gig in Bristol.

By the time I get to bed Saturday night, I will have driven up and down the same half-hour stretch of motorway three times which seems remarkably inefficient, but unavoidable.

Sunday is simplicity by comparison. Get up, glue the kitchen sink in place, drill a big hole in the wall for the extractor fan over the stove, then grab my kit and and head to the Club to spend the afternoon sailing.

It's going to be raining cats and dogs, but I don't care.

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