Friday, 4 April 2014

Sing a song of ......

Sixpence is back outside my window, serenading me again. Actually, I suspect he's more interested in singing to the ladies, but whatever. He's in fine voice.

Busy weekend coming up.

Ben (boy_v1) is home from Uni for his Easter break tonight. His Granddad has volunteered to pick him up as I've got a gig straight after work.

Four new songs to put into the set tonight. About three more introductions to the repertoire than I'd normally allow at any one time, so we'll have to see how that goes. It's a friendly, regular venue though, so the audience should be forgiving.

Tomorrow I'm going to have my first capsize of the year. Intentionally. A friend and colleague we work with in the dog rescue is raising funds for some Romainian puppies she's trying to save, so is doing a month of sponsored dares. She's never been sailing before, let alone capsized, so that's been picked for one of them.

As it happens, there's a beginner's sailing course running at the Club as well at the moment (Adult RYA Level 2) , this will be their second day. So I've arranged to borrow one of their training boats and give
them a capsize and recovery demonstration. All works out rather well. Though it's inescapable that I'm going to get cold and wet.

Then another gig tomorrow night, another friendly, regular venue, so quite looking forward to it. Actually, I look foward to all my gigs regardless. Nice to have two in a weekend though.

Then, of course, we're sailing on Sunday. Heavy rain, a stiff F4 south-westerly. Should be fantastic fun! And very likely, given how out of practice I've undoubtedly become, we'll be capsizing some more.

Naturally, I can't wait.

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