Friday, 18 April 2014


Not really a fan of Leonard Cohen's voice, nothing wrong with it, just a personal thing; I think it's all to do with the tone. Which is lovely, but not my thing. His song-writing, however, often floors me. The lyrics leave me humbled, jealous, and, occasionally, close moved to tears. Not sure why. Some things I don't analyse too close.

Came across a clip on the BBC of an Irish priest singing a variation of Hallelujah this evening. Actually, ran into it a week ago, but tonight was the first time I bothered to click on it. A priest getting a standing ovation at a wedding is, to my mind, in danger of stealing the limelight from where it ought to belong.

However, I assume the bride knew what she was booking, and all concerned were quite happy. And to be fair, he has a fine voice and an even finer nerve. I should've clicked on the link sooner. Far be it from me to jab at any man's personal sense of showmanship.

The clip reminded me of the song, however, of Cohen, and of a recording I made of it myself and posted up on Youtoob a while ago after having recorded it on my mobile at the office one evening after everybody else had left. 

The while ago, I was just shocked to discover, was 2008. How time flies.

I've been up to my ears with DIY the last week, and hardly online other than posting the occasional photo from my mobile to here or Facebook. Don't watch TV or read the papers. Just read about the ferry capsize in South Korea. Terrible. My thoughts are with all involved.

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