Saturday, 5 April 2014

The waiting

Well, soundcheck went without a hitch. Bassist was very rude about my acoustic, said the electric was nice, will be nicer once I learn to play it.

Bassist is my brother
Have a lifetime's practice of parrying his goads with fraternal indifference.

Power is still on. We're on in twenty minutes. Love and hate this part. Want to play, but it's a unique hinterland, where everything is done, and there is nothing left but to chill until the opening.

We're down to one Enterprise. Penny had a bad winter. Lots of work needed to bring her back to shape, and I have too many other priorities on my time.

Think I'm going to let Ben sail my boat tomorrow. I want to sail, but I'll get almost as much from knowing he can, and knowing he'll love it as much.

Fourteen minutes till we open.

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