Thursday, 10 April 2014


Looks like we might be in for a sunny drift on Sunday, if the weather
comes in as forecast.

On the bright side, that should stop the Lasers and, possibly, most of
the Solos in their tracks and give us a clear shot at a good result. On
the down side, I did really enjoy blasting about the lake in the gusts
of last week and would have been happy with the chance to do so again
this weekend.

Unfortunately, Hels is without the use of her hand following her
encounter with the Highfield lever last Sunday. Nasty bruising and
swelling, though nothing broken. So it seems pretty certain she'll not
be in a fit state to crew this weekend. Fortunately, Ben's still around,
so I can crew for Ben.

Assuming we get out on the water. Have got next week off work to do a
long-overdue refit on our kitchen. There is a small chance I may get
pressured into making a start on it over the weekend, which will absorb
Sunday. Trying to put it off till Monday, but we shall have to see.

The real pressure is having it done and dusted within the week, which is
a daunting deadline for my unpracticed hands.

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