Thursday, 3 April 2014

The mark rounding from hell: last Sunday

The photo was taken from the shore by my friend and fellow Frampton club
member, Ken Elsey, and blatantly stolen by me without his permission,
though I'm sure he won't mind. It was from the third race last Sunday,
and was taken at the leeward mark rounding.

I love the photo because it so neatly captures one of the more
entertaining moments of Sunday's racing.

This particular course, and this specific rounding, was the horrific
invention of a clearly twisted mind. The early laps (and, it being only
a half hour race, all the laps were early laps!) saw the entire fleet
have to take it to starboard, for the leaders only to then find
themselves then facing into the bank and blocked by the far pontoon,
with no choice but to tack away and find themselves on a port tack
trying to cross the rest of the fleet that were still on starboard and
charging downwind towards the mark.

It made for some interesting moments. Probably best described as

This particular race is the one where we'd been ambushed at the start by
that Laser, so were quite far back in the pack - we're the second set of
blue sails, middle of the picture somewhat hidden behind the big Rooster
rig of the Laser in front of us.

[note the artistic licence in the writing: the Officer of the Day that
set this particular course isn't really horrific and twisted in his mind
or otherwise. In fact, he's one of the more decent and upstanding
citizens it's my pleasure to know]

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