Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Midway update

Wednesday once more, the week is half bled out.

Suddenly conscious that for the first time in an age, I won't be sailing
this evening with Ben. The boy has gone back to Uni, and the Wednesday
evening racing season has run to an end. Not enough light left in the
days now.

I'm going to miss it.

No racing this weekend. On Saturday the Club's holding an Open Day, so
I'll spend all day sailing visitors around the lake. I don't mind. I
love talking about sailing. Normally when I allow the conversation to
drift to being about sailing, "normal" folks go glassy eyed and all
polite so I feel obliged to try and move the subject on.

As far as I'm concerned, if you climb into a boat with me, that's an
open invitation for me to wax lyrical all I want.

I also love sailing in company, and especially love introducing new
people to this sailing thing.

On the down side, the forecast is suggesting it's going to be a real
drift. Not the best way of selling the joys of a life afloat under canvas.

And on Saturday, the Solo Fleet have an Open Meeting, and I don't sail a
Solo. On the other hand, if the drift persists throughout the weekend,
I'll wish them the joy of it.

Except I might be needed to run the safety boat. There isn't a lot
that's less gripping than providing saftey cover for a fleet of racing
dinghies in a drift. Maybe I'll take the camera, that should keep me

That said, might be they've got safety boat covered now and can give me
the day off. In which case, Sunday will be a day of catching up around
the house and (terribly, embarassingly overgrown) garden and walking the

No gigs, not until a week Saturday. I guess that means this coming
weekend almost counts as a weekend off.

I'm quite looking forward to it.

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