Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Remedy for a sore bottom

Just had a call from Dad. The marina put him on to a local guy called Ray Williams, of Ray Williams Marine Services, who has sorted out the damage for us in short order. A case of rubbing it back, drying the area, patching it and re-epoxying. He says the epoxy went off lovely overnight, so today he'll fair it all up and re-apply the anti-foul and then she'll be ready to go back in the water, either some time tomorrow or Friday morning.

High water is around 11am on Friday, so if we're to catch the ebb, that's our deadline.

So it looks like we're back on. Haven't quite worked out where we're going yet, but the forecast looks pretty benevolent. Will look at the options in detail tomorrow. Basically, we can sail any time from Friday lunchtime and need to be back by Monday evening. Otherwise, the world, or at least this small, muddy part of it, is our oyster.

Just told Nikki that Dad and I are sailing this weekend after all. When it looked like our plans had been scuppered by the damage, I had hinted that I'd sort out the drive and front garden, and maybe shift a whole lot of clutter down the tip that's long overdue. Essentially, a promise to pretend to be domesticated and catch up on all the chores I've so far been neglecting this year, or as many as possible, as the list is, if I'm honest, somewhat longer than can be reasonably coped with over even an extended Bank Holiday weekend like the one ahead. Now that I've effectively stood her up, her reaction was fairly benign under the circumstances.

She just laughed. She's a good girl. No idea how she puts up with me.

We're over to Dad's tonight for supper, along with two of the kids and my brother Jamie and his wife Arya. Ben is in the midst of his end of year exams, so I suspect he'll stay down in Bristol.

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