Sunday, 3 May 2015

Plan B

Just had a call from Misty Lady, asking if we made it to Cardiff and, if so, would we like to come out for supper.

They sailed on Friday, so made it to Swansea Saturday via an uncomfortable stop-over at anchor in Barry to wait out the tide, and dropped into Cardiff today on the way home. We'd hoped to sail over today and meet up with them there, but with 20 knot winds out of the south west all through the day, scuppered the idea and stayed at home.

Tess of Misty Lady tells me they've had a fantastic weekend's sailing. I'm envious, but it was a great gig last night, so glad I didn't cancel it to sail. I very nearly did.

F3 from the south forecast for tomorrow. We're going to make an attempt on the Holms. Lock out booked for 0830, which gives us about 12 hours to get there and back, with about 36nm to cover. Should be great sailing down, but might be a bit light heading back once the tide turns.

Hope to do it in somewhat less than 12 hours. Need to make it around Flatholm by about 1300, and if we manage that, the rest should be easy. High Water is around 1430.

Of course, the down channel leg will be a beat. Which is good, as we need the practice sailing to windward.

Can't wait. All I've got to do is make sure I get up in the morning. Seem to manage it most days though, so should be fine.

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