Friday, 22 May 2015

A long weekend ahead

Boat's back in the water. Work for the week is done, don't have to be back in the office till Tuesday morning. Have a tentative plan for tomorrow's sailing that might be a bit of an overstretch, a bit overambitious. In which case, I have a plan B. But I really don't mean to go there unless I have to.

Bag is packed, electronics are charging. All I really need to do is to go to bed so as to make sure I can get up in the morning. Not that I've ever yet failed. At the latter, at least. Sometimes getting to bed proves problematic.

Lock is booked for 1000. An hour before high water. Will punch the tide till it turns, probably under power, hope to get as far as "Avon". Then we'll raise sail. The aim is to cover 38 miles down-channel, down-tide, but into wind. And then anchor. For the night if we can't then creep into harbour with the tide before it gets too dark.

Contingency is if we haven't made enough ground before the the turn of tide to get where we want to go, we turn tail and head back up to Cardiff. Or Barry.

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