Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Halfway through

Wednesday already. Which means a week ago this moment of writing, we
were sat in Dad's back garden waiting for the cars to arrive. Hadn't
thought of that until a second ago, as I started to type this. Can't
quite believe a whole week has passed.

Went back to karate last night, stayed sober intentionally for the rest
of the evening. I'd say that shows normality returning, but if so, it's
only a gradual seeping, and sober isn't that normal if I'm honest. On
the former subject, the way other commitments and family circumstances
had taken over the last month, I'd all but given up on making the
grading on July 6th.

After last night, maybe, just maybe there's a chance I'll still make it,
but personally, jury is out. Haven't graded for a couple of years now,
and this is my 1st kyu, being the last grade I take before I start
working towards my black belt. Will work on the assumption I'm going for
it for now, can always pull on the day if I'm not ready. It's taken
seven and a half years to get this far, so would rather spend another
year in preparation and waiting than risk a bad pass or worse. Though it
will sting falling behind the rest of the class; not that I'll admit
that anywhere but here.

I bring Ben home for the summer tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Third
week of running the kids' Topper course on Saturday (the photo at the
top was from last Saturday), Ben will either chip in and help me, or
help out with the beginners on the course running alongside. Then we'll
be racing together on Sunday. Not sure if I'll helm or crew. The forcast
looks light, which is a shame. Really could do with a blast around the lake.

But for now, I'll take anything to get afloat.

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