Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I think they're football teams?

But am not really sure. £4 in a cup and pick two teams, if one has "xxx" marked against it, pick another, because apparently they're not very good. All the staff were playing so felt compelled to support.

So looks like I'm cheering USA, Oz, and some team called Brazil. Always nice to be able to draw clear lines. Apparently, Brazil aren't that bad.

Back to karate tonight, first time in a fortnight. Feel really quite weary and demotivated, but that's exactly the time it's most important to make the effort to go.

Have been taking some comfort by proxy from the voyages of others recently. One is making good progress across the eastern Pacific and has almost reached Hilo. The other has just landed in Dale on the Welsh coast, having made a three day passage on a Wayfarer around the Cornish coast. The next leg of their journey takes them out into the Irish Sea.

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