Friday, 6 June 2014

The day before the morning after

Feeling a little over-committed.

Gig last night. Gig tonight. Club first thing tomorrow, all day instructing a dozen kids through the first day of their Topper course. Straight off from the Club to a gig that evening, a birthday party in North Nibbley.

Back to the Club first thing Sunday morning to act as Senior Instructor for the Oppy coarse; I'm hoping the coarse leader, Jon, will be gentle with me.

Then I'm racing in the afternoon. Nothing planned for Sunday night.

On the other hand, yesterday evening's gig aboard the Tower Belle was fun.

Even if I did forget the words to the last song, just as we were pulling back into Bristol Docks to finish.

I must've sung that song a thousand times now. No idea how the words could just slip away like that, taking the tune with them.

Brazened it out through the two verses I forgot, thankfully remembered the chorus, and found my way back for the last verse.

Must be middle age creeping up on me.

Nobody seemed to mind, so it all ended well. The generosity of drunken revellers knows no bounds, clearly.

Strain this chaos, turn it into light
I've got to see you one last night
Before the lions take their share
Leave us in pieces scattered everywhere
Snow Patrol, All That I Have

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