Saturday, 25 April 2015

YouTube: British Moth on a windy Sunday

Footage of a British Moth racing at Hunts SC on a blowy day that a friend has just shared with me.

My first "proper" racing dinghy was a British Moth. Fantastic, fun little boats. A traditional design from the 1930's, the rig and sail-plan have been updated and modernised over the last 80 years or so, but the hull is essentially the same.

They're a really friendly class. My first Nationals was at Hunts in 2008; it was a brilliant week of sailing and camping by the lakeside. On the first day in particular, the conditions were similar to those in the clip above. The photo below was taken on the third day, when the weather had calmed down somewhat.

The Moth is essentially a light wind, small water boat at heart. It's scow bow and high aspect ratio mainsail designed for short tacking in the deep cut of narrow rivers. It shifts on the fainted echoed whisper of a breeze, and tacks on a penny. Many dinghies naturally stabilise as they climb up onto the plane in a gust. The Moth doesn't. She becomes twitchy and tipsy and gives every impression of wanting to kill you if you don't get everything exactly right. Which makes getting it right such a sweet, sweet feeling.

It's exceptionally good fun. And very wet.

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