Monday, 27 April 2015

R&J Sails, Clevedon; a stitch in time

Following a suggestion from another Bristol Channel sailor on a forum I follow, I rang R&J Sails this morning, who are just down the road from Portishead in Clevedon. Got through to a chap called Dick Hannaford at R&J, explained the damage and said we really wanted to get back out on the water next weekend, though I confess I wasn't at that point holding out much hope. 

He said that if I could get the sail to him by lunchtime and if it was fixable, he'd fix it whilst I waited.

He did a fantastic job, and at a very fair price. And for added bonus, it was a real pleasure to watch an undeniably skilled and talented craftsman at his work.

It's very evident we're going to need a new sail at some point later this year, the leach of the sail where the UV strip attaches is very ripe, although the rest of the body of the sail is still in reasonable shape for its age. But for now, we're back on the water.

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