Sunday, 5 October 2014

That good ole warm, glowey feeling

That you only get from a day spent on the water. Or is it the glass of beer I'm now rewarding my earlier efforts with.
Not that it's deserved. First race was good. A pursuit, caught all but two of the Solos, kept clear ahead of the chasing Lasers, if only by a breath. 5th place finish. Not a fantastic result,  but respectable.

Second race; suffice to say the result made our first race seem fantastic by comparison. Part luck, part wind, part boat management. And by that, I mean my management of their boats, not mine.

In the shifty, variable air, we got caught by the pack on the first beat to windward, and smothered by the pack for the rest of the first lap. That lost us the race.

Not that I mind. The great thing about chasing around the cans on a small lake is that there is always someone to race, no matter where you are in the pack.

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