Monday, 6 October 2014

Old Man Moon

Waxing gibbous, a shade shy of full; springs are tomorrow and Wednesday with 10.5 meters expected at Sharpness,  and the possibility of another half a meter tidal surge pushed up on top by the low approaching from the west.

By Saturday, high water will only be 9m, but still enough to clear Llanthony Weir as long as we get the timing right.

Will start to pay close attention to the forcast from tomorrow. The weather could still close us out, it's very blustery this week. Gales are a constant risk.

If we miss this chance, our next shot at the Ring won't be till August 30th next year.

Bought a new pair of boots and a pair of sailing gloves today. Along with the hat I picked up on Saturday, I feel properly kitted out for the trip now.

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