Thursday, 16 October 2014

Room with a view

Glorious, brilliant sunshine outside my window at the moment. Trees on
the valleyside are turning, autumn definitely has a good grip on the
countryside now. The weather yesterday was grim. Black, filthy skies and
thick, foggy rain. Drove down to Bristol after work to bring Ben back
for supper over at Dad's. Visibility on the motorway was horrid.

In the gaps, or from the occasional elevation, the sky was amazing.
Always seems that way when I'm driving and should be keeping my eye on
the road, rather than wishing I had my camera to hand. Whatever it was
has blown through now. For the moment. Weekend looks like fun.

Met Office says Saturday is going to be wet. I have a gig in the evening
over in Cardiff, but for the first time in what feels like an age, have
the day free. Have to decide what to do with it. I could just laze, but
that feels wasteful. The dogs will need walking of course, and that
always takes up a chunck of the day. I could run the dogs in the park in
the morning then go to karate. I'll then need to get guitar strings for
the gig, so could take Nik up in to town with me, buy strings, and find
somewhere for lunch.

I quite fancy taking her to town for lunch. Haven't done that in an age.

Sunday looks like it's going to be entertaining. The Met is forcasting
19 knots southwestly, gusting 35. They do tend to be overly pessemistic,
or optimistic; depends on whether you're me or most of the other folks
watching the forcast, as it has to be said we're looking for different
things. But if we even get close to that, it should be enough to make
Buffy fly across the lake.

Haven't had a decent capsize in an absolute age. Last Saturday's near
miss in Ondine doesn't count.

Really hope the weather comes in as promised.

When you find me broken, battered and beaten to exhausted submission
come Sunday evening, you may remind me I said that, and I'll happily eat
my words.

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