Thursday, 30 October 2014

Scope creep

eBay is dangerous. I usually resist the lure.

However, I've just spent more on a new watch than I'd intended.
Interestingly, £6 more on this particular time piece than I actually
spent on my first boat. In my defense, it was a cheap boat, at least in
monetary terms, never in grace. The Mirror Dinghy "Redwing" was a thing
of exquisite beauty, though very much in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

In terms of blood and labour, it's only about two good gigs worth, maybe
three. Will set my plans for a new PC back by a month or two.

The watch is grossly unnecessary. Very much overkill and far too clever
for the present limits of my sailing. Still, I feel strangely unrepentent.

If I want to remain so, just have to remember not to tell the wife.

Interesting aside, the photo at the top was taken in November 2008 by my
friend Ken. It was the last time I sailed Redwing. I broke the gaff
recovering her from the capsize (easy to see how, looking at it now),
and sold her on a little while later. The capsize itself was a foolish
moment of over-confidence. Gybed unnecessarily before the start-line,
got caught out by a gust and my own clumsy boat handling.

Live and learn.

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