Thursday, 24 July 2014

Time and tide

I've gone from having no watch and therefore habitually comendeering Ben's as it spends most of its time strapped to his buoyancy aid, to having a plethora of timepieces.

It almost costs as much to have a man change the battery as it does to replace the watch, and the latter I can do from the comfort of my chair courtesy of the Internet. And so I have done for a few years now, whenever their various batteries have run low.

Then it occurred to me to look for replacement batteries online instead and try to change them myself. I mean, how hard can it be?

Not hard at all.

A couple of quid and a five day wait on the post for enough batteries to replace the last three watches; a half hour of fiddling, and we're done.

In explanation of last night's brief post, that was the verdict of the coroner, Dad was told yesterday. Degenerative colitis, undiagnosed, leading to sepsis was the cause of Mum's death.

Angry. With her, with us, with them, with it. And sad, desperately sad. So sorry for Mum. What a horrible turn of chance and a terrible thing to go through. Desperately sorry and sad for her.

Car packed in yesterday, needed a tow home. Battery went dead. It's either the battery or the alternator or some black wizardry in the car's electrics that has kicked the can.

Rubbish timing, really frustrating, but what can you do.

I'm going to go sailing. Will sort it out when I get back.

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